Day 12: Painted feather quill and journal

DAY 12 is brought to you by, the lovely Mel of Needle and Nest DesignHello all you lovely readers of The Paper Mama!  My name is Mel, and I perch over at the Needle and Nest Design blog (cramming it full of my creative projects, d.i.y’s, and random rants about life/mamahood).  I’m delighted to be here today to share with you another gift idea for the holidays.

So, since this season is full of fowls, like those ‘six geese a-layin’ and those seven swans a-swimming’… what could be more fitting then this:
The painted feather quill & notebook gift set.
A unique and funky gift for the writers or poets in your life!

Supplies Needed:
Blank Cover Journal
Large feather (Naturally found… or bought at a craft store).
Acrylic paint/Metallic
glue gun
ball point pen
decorative ribbon

Step 1: SNIP the bottom half inch off the quill of your feather.  Make sure it’s good and hollow all the way up the quill (push a sharp skewer up to the feather part if needed).
Step 2: SLIP a pen out of it’s original casing and then slide it up the quill as far as you’re able.  A dab of hot glue to keep it in place helps too.
Step 3:  FLIP your decorative ribbon (or rustic twine) snugly around the pen…dabbing with hot glue and attaching all the way up the quill.  Tuck in the last edge near the feather and glue in place.

Step 4:  paint the top half of your feather in your acrylic paint colour of choice.. let dry, and paint the underside too.
Step 5:  with a metallic paint (gold or silver) paint some decorative accents on the tip of your feather…. Presto!  You’re funky quill is ready!

Making a journal to match the feather theme is as simple as decorating the cover in your choice of style.  You could paint a feather on it.  Podge a fun illustration on it.  Stencil a feather outline… or, like I did: freehand sketch a feather right on to the cover  (I used an oil-based white Sharpie pen).

There you have it lovelies!  I hope this bird-brain has inspired you to create something hand.made for the holidays.
Thank again to the delightful Chelsey for hosting with the most’ing here!

– Mel, Needle and Nest Design


A very big THANK you to Mel for sharing this fantastic DIY. Please, be sure to give her blog home a visit.

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  • Zoe Hart on said:

    it's fantastic!!! i love diy, and i love feathers, so this is perfect to me 🙂
    i really like your blog!
    xx Zoe

  • gypsyinjasper on said:

    Mel is the best and her projects are amazing. I'm loving this feather quill. So smart and easy!

  • No Model Lady on said:

    I love this idea! When I was a kid my mom owned a bridal store and had a bunch of fancy feather quill pens for wedding guest books. I always stole them, always got caught and still continued to do it:)

  • mel on said:

    Wheeee! It's a delight to be here.. really! Thanks for hosting with the 'mosting'… here I thought your 'tomorrow' was for tomorrow..
    but it's today (I should read dates more carefully.. lol). I'll post a link back to here from my blog.. 'tomorrow' (wed)! ;o)
    needle and nest design

  • Crystalyn Bryan on said:

    I love the feather quill. This would make a great gift for my sisters.

  • Diana on said:

    Great gift idea! I definitely couldn't free hand that feather though! haha

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