BlogHer or Bust + Links I love

{//That’s my Sparklecorn Party skirt: thrifted//Plus, if you’re interested… that’s a cute belt from F21//}

I’m in the process of getting my buns ready for BlogHer. I’ll be in New York for 6 days…. I can’t believe I’ll be gone for that long! So, I’m planning out my outfits already…. and, who’s gonna watch the kiddo (she’s not quite ready to watch herself… maybe when she stops pooing her pants…. hmmm. ha)… and: getting stuff ready for my sister’s wedding. She get’s married just 6 days after I get home from this trip. I still have to find shoes to wear in her wedding… ::yes, great excuse to go shoe shopping in NY… riiiiight?Right?right? heh::

I’m so very excited. So very. Are you going to be there?

On to my Links to Love:

– This chair swing is pretty amazing

Peanut Butter + Nutella swirl cookies? Yes, please.

– On of my favorite people… had her first baby. <3

– Such a simple snack. Cheese and avocado.

– Freebie El Luchador printable from Jess.

– This little JCrew jacket is amazing. <3

– Have you had a chance to say hello to a couple of my new sponsors? Hello: The Friend Collective, Misadventures with Andi, Little {Mrs.} Sunshine, andย The Winking of an Eye.

– !!!!! Popcorn Doughnuts !!!!!

– In love with these bee hair pins.

–ย I love this cotton candy striped cupboard. A lovely make over.

– ANOTHer cute pouf DIY.

–ย Love these DIY kaleidoscope letters.

– I love how this paint chip wall turned out. Very pretty.

– A good tip about watermarking your photos.

– Hee, this kid’s shirt makes me giggle.

– Beautiful mini letter necklace.

– Today is the last day to take advantage of my ad space sale!

– Need some thank you cards, birthday invites, birth announcements, or address labels? Well, here’s 15% off + free shipping from Pear Tree Greetings. Use code: PAPERMAMA

Happy Friday to you all! We’re celebrating my sister this weekend… with her Bridal Shower! <3


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  • Yumi on said:

    Peanut butter and nutella. WOW. *drool*…And I just finished the nutella last night!!! ๐Ÿ™

  • Alyssa S. on said:

    Hooray for baby Felicity ๐Ÿ™‚ And WOO HOO for you for going to BlogHer. I REEEEEALLLY wanted to go this year because it's in NYC and I could have visited a few of my friends and gone to the conference…but it just wasn't in the cards this year with work and all. I've promised myself to make it a mission to go next year.

  • candice on said:

    I will be there. First time so nervous and excited! Safe travels. I live in NY. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ruthy on said:

    that paint chip wall is amazing! wow! (and so is your skirt). I'm hoping next year i'll be able to attend all these blog conferences…they seem like so much fun!

  • Jessica on said:

    Thanks for the shout out! – Jess from The Friend Collective

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  • kat9365 on said:

    I'll be there! I'm so excited (and omg so nervous) – this is going to be my first BlogHer event

  • Heather on said:

    Have fun! Love the skirt! fyi: The kid's shirt link goes to the watermark link before it.

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