Links to love this week

I keep forgetting to share this photo. I took this so long ago. Probably back in March? Pretty much: Paint + oil + ziplock + tape= a grand ‘ol time. Yup. That’s it! Be sure to put the oil in first (I just used plain ‘ol vegetable oil), add the paint. Get all the air (that you can) out of the ziplock, and tape down. Your kiddo can paint with their fingers, mess free. Good idea. Found the idea forever ago on Pinterest.

Links I love this week:

I really really really love these shoes. A lot.

How come I never thought of putting an ironing board in a drawer? Wonderful.

Potato chip cookie recipe? Yes. I’m pretty sure ANYthing-potato chip is delicious.

I know I’ve shared this idea before… but, it’s so simple I’ll share it again. Untangle your dolls hair.

Oh man. Butter Roasted Carrots with Lemon Thyme.

While this is totally out of my price range, I completely love this nightstand from West Elm.

Beautiful DIY cotton candy tray. Yeah, I may make this.

OMG. Cinnamon roll casserole. OMG.

I love almost anything in this shop.

Really nice plate wall arrangement.

This pastel swirled cake is pretty lovely.

I don’t know what it is… but, I really like this donkey blanket.

I really want to try out this flourless peanut butter cookie recipe.

Did you see my new sponsors? Say hello! …from behind my desk, Beautiful Dawn Designs, and I’m an affiliate with Modcloth.

These monogrammed mugs (on Etsy) are cute.

A fun gift for Father’s Day! Put together some game tickets and peanuts together for a gift.

Goal: Outdoor movie night. So fun!

I like this tooth fairy pouch in this post. It will be a cute ida for when R starts losing teeth.

SUuuper last minute and awesome Father’s Day idea. It’s a photo idea!

Did you see my newest BHG post? It’s a DIY for building a garden bed for the kiddo. <3

Happy Friday lovely readers!

– Chelsey


  • Alyssa S. on said:

    I know, RIGHT about those shoes? I Pinned them the instant I saw them. I don't even care that I have nothing to wear them with, I WANT them!!!

  • marvelouscara on said:

    I made that exact PB cookie recipe a couple of months ago! The disappeared in about two days. Oops! They're SO YUMMY.

  • Janae Wise on said:

    Opps! I don't see a link for the potato chip cookie recipe. It sounds interesting…!

  • Meg on said:

    I've made those peanut butter cookies before. They are amazing! But they burn fast….or I had my oven too high..,
    either way: watch them closely

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