DIY: Raised garden bed for the kiddo

I have a new DIY up on Better Homes and Gardens! I hope you can check it out and say hello! We recently made a little garden box JUST for Ruari. She absolutely loves it. It keeps her from tearing apart our garden. Hee. Enjoy! Check it out here.

– Chelsey


  • Kat on said:

    we had a garden last year and the 4 before that, but opted for a raised, smaller one this year! I've been saying that I'll make one myself for about 4 months now, but ended up buying a pre-made one from home depot. It was actually relatively inexpensive ($30!) but one day I hope to actually make one! heading over to your diy!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      That is cheap! We built 2 4×4 raised beds for ourselves too. So inexpensive. 🙂

  • Tara on said:

    how awesome!! Love it!!

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