Lazy Strawberry Shortcake

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My family and I have been so darn busy with life, that we haven’t had a chance to celebrate my bro’s 28th birthday. It was on May 29th… First my mom was out of town, then I had my PNW Blogger Meet Up, and then I was out of town for a couple more days. BUT, we finally did on Sunday night. We made a favorite dinner of mine: appetizers! I seriously could eat appetizers all day and everyday. Yum. We had bruschetta… so good, my husband made a yummy corn relish, and we had some yummy smoked chicken sausages. All bite size. That’s my kind of dinner! We also gave my bro his presents: beer… I mean, what else do you give to a 28 year old guy? I don’t know. THEN, we had dessert. Let me share the most simple recipe eveeer, with you.

Lazy Strawberry Shortcake

Supplies needed:

– Strawberries

– Shortcake

– COOL WHIP Whipped Topping

– A jar

– A spoon

– Your mouth and belly


Like dinner, dessert was simple. We considered actually making and baking a dessert, but we are all so tired from, well, life. We bought a flat of delicious locally grown strawberries (so good), a pre made short cake (I know, lazy. Short cake is like the easiest cake on the planet to make. But, we were tired), and some COOL WHIP. Start with a bottom layer of strawberries, add a layer of cake, strawberries, and the whipped topping. We used a teeny jar, so we could do many layers. BUT, imagine the awesome layers you could create with a giant jar! That would be fantastic. I should have used a larger jar… hmmm… Anyway…

Family loved it. Brother loved it. I loved it.

Idea: How yummy would these little treats be for a party? A bridal shower or baby shower? They are so simple and quick to put together, it would be a great party dessert! Throw it together 10 minutes before serving, tab dah! My mom has been collecting these little mason  jars for a while (she’s getting ready to make strawberry jam). You could even add cute little tags, tied on with twine. I hope you enjoy this sweet treat this summer!

– Chelsey

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  • Cole on said:

    yummy! The strawberries look like jam! Did you add anything to them to make them sweeter? i can't wait to try this…so nice for 4th of July. I think i'll add some blueberries! 😉

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Just a tiny bit of sugar. They were already pretty sweet and ripe! 🙂 Great 4th of July idea!

  • Jen @ The Cooks on said:

    SUCH a great and easy dessert. I'll definitely be making this one. Thanks for sharing!

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