Brunch at the Doug Fir with ladies

Back on June 3rd, I had a lovely brunch with some bloggy ladies. BUT, I kept forgetting to share the photos. It was a quick planned get together on twitter. All of these ladies are so sweet and wonderful and I enjoyed their company. We met up at the Dough Fir for some grub. Of course I had to get a bloody mary, because well… because. I started out this brunch kid-free, but my husband came by to pick me up. So, we (well, I) made him take a group photo.

Ruari was sure to smile and be cute for all the ladies. She even asked Sarah for a hug and a kiss goodbye. Ha!

The ladies: Ruari and I, The Friendly Fox, @xochiana, Vanilla and Lace, Whiskey and Wine, The Velvet Bird, and Zephyr Sarah.

– Chelsey


  • Alyssa on said:

    My husband has always spoke fondly of the doug fir, memories of shoes and food from the "good ol days" before he was married. I still have never been….

  • Nikki on said:

    my husband and i went to doug fir when we visited portland a couple years ago! so yummy!!

  • Kristi on said:

    Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to do more with my fellow STL bloggy friends once I get back to Missouri. 🙂

  • Shannon on said:

    I was just wondering if you color your own hair? Your hair is always so beautiful!

  • eclecticschooling on said:

    Looks like such a fun and lovely group! Your daughter is just too adorable too 😉

  • Emily S. on said:

    Such a great photo! You look great!

  • Mindy on said:

    so fun & that bloody mary looks so good right now! i am curious…what do you use (action/preset?) to edit your pictures? i love the way this set looks.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I use florabella a lot. Not sure what I did here. 🙂 Some sort of fogging.

  • Sarah Moore on said:

    That hug and kiss completely melted my heart, she's so cute!!!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      She is adorable. She kept asking where her friends were after we left. 🙂

  • prideinphotos on said:

    Wow, alot of great looking blogging ladies!! You guys look adorable!

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