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“Mama, it’s orange out there!” Ha ha! That’s what Ruari said when she put  on her sunglasses and looked outside. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ve got some gardening to do on Saturday! Yay! We’re so ready to get our garden all together. And, I’m so excited to share these moments with my girl. <3 So, here are some links to love this week…..

OMG. Please. Oh goodness. Every bit of this blog makes me hungry. A baking blog.

Why have I never thought of this? Trix instead for rice crispy treats. Very cute.

I really love this iPhone cover. Textured!

When I was in college I would stay in class working on presentations till 12 am…. So, yeah… I was paranoid walking through an empty parking lot to my car. Confession: I would hold keys in between my fingers, ready to defend myself if attacked. Ha! Anywho… this would have been so much cooler/more effective.

Say hello to a couple of my sponsors! Hello, hello, and hello.

I really love this DIY painted driftwood hanger.

Awesome: really cool furniture waffle iron.

Champagne Cocktail with Mint and Lemon sorbet. Makes me wish it was summer. Yum!

So many times I’ve found a vintage lamp that needed some sort of rewiring… and, I don’t buy it. Because I’m afraid to wire it. BUT, this will help! Detailed rewiring tutorial.

A REALLY cool 1960’s Manhattan Themed 1st birthday party. So cool.

Great idea! Spray painted monogrammed coir entrance mat!

Piñata cookie tutorial! This is really so cool! P.S. May 5th, 2009 I was complaining about how tired and lame i felt…. the next day I found out I was pregnant. A little Cinco de Mayo flashback for you. <3

I really want these shoes!

Really cool Geoball printout.

AND, the last day to enter the Tumbleweeds $75 shop credit is SUNDAY! Good luck!

Happy weekend to you all!


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  • Sarahracine on said:

    Always luuuuurve your linkies. Thank you! Plus, R seems to get cuter every day!

  • Mariana on said:

    She is cute!!

    My little guy put on his sunglasses the other day and said: 'Mom, are you yellow?' 🙂

  • mrslltkings on said:

    I love that photo! She is adorable

  • cravingsofalunatic on said:

    Hi Chelsey. I am the lady behind the Trix Krispies and just wanted to pop by to say thanks for sharing them. Love your site and happy to meet you.

  • Elena on said:

    Great links Chelsey! I absolutely love that 1960's Themed Birthday Party!

  • bbgoad on said:

    Those waffles as furniture shapes are simply amazing!!! I'm in awe…

  • Leah on said:

    That cat weapon is super clever! And is it weird to call a knife-like object cute?
    And that birthday party is to die for. So adorable.

  • Mel on said:

    "Orange out there!" sooo cute! Love the shot too!
    Happy weekend mama! ;o)
    needle and nest

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