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I made some bacon hearts again this year for Valentine’s Day! BUT, this time I popped them onto some store bought cinnamon rolls…. paired them with a beer and they were all ready for my hubs when he got home from work. P.S. Bacon on cinnamon rolls = delicious.

I’ve been loving all the string art that’s popping up all over the internets. This blog shares a couple of great tips if you want to make your own!

I will be making this for Ruari! She would love it. So so so sweet. A very cute little DIY to give to your favorite kiddo.

A sweet post for mama’s that feed with bottles. Ruari never breast fed and I pumped for a year for her. I worried that we would never bond… we obviously have. But, it’s a sweet post. <3

I’m in LOVE with the creations in this Etsy shop. Especially the fox necklace. <3

How about a little shout out to a couple of sweet sponsors here, here, and here!

You can find me here hanging out with the Dumb Mom on Valentine’s Day. Hee!

I’ve finally decided that this year we will be painting the floor in Ruari’s room. Like they did. Her poor wood floor had carpet glued down on it years ago… and, it was painted before that… pretty much: we can’t save it.

So, I know we have a while before Easter… but, I think I’m going to give this a try this year!

Remember my “Learning to Dress Myself” post? Well, this post from Katie is some wonderful encouragement to help you find your style!

Are you ready for iPhone awesome? I am… I LOVE this DIY phone case! I would love one!

This is a sweet little project… Best Friend Wall Art. Simple! Cute!

I love this portrait for IROCKSOWHAT from a new blogger to me: Feeling Above the Weather.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday!!!


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  • Kelly on said:

    YUP – gonna have to try these out! – Drizzled in a Dark Chocolate – OH MY YUM YUM!! …would never of thought to pair w/ cinnamon buns… love it!!

  • Crystalyn Bryan on said:

    First of all, I totally woke up in the middle of the night the other night thinking about heart shaped bacon and how awesome that would be! Now I am definitely going to make some.

    And secondly, I switched blog readers recently and I am just now realizing that I've been missing out on your posts! I'm glad I fixed that! These links are all great, that little mouse bed is killing me with its adorableness! My daughter would LOVE one.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Oh man, really? I switched my blog over to WordPress and I have been afraid my blog is not showing up for people. 🙂

      • Crystalyn Bryan on said:

        I switched to Bloglovin for reading blogs and I just had forgotten to copy over your blog. I just recently switched to WordPress too so I understand your worry! 🙂

  • Becca on said:

    I like cinnamon but don't know how to bake it.. I will make this on my bday.
    thanks for sharing!

  • Chelsey on said:

    Bacon on cinnamon buns?! *drool*

  • Lauren on said:

    Super cute! I made cinnamon rolls in the shape of hearts for Vday. Def going to check out these links to love! Thanksss

  • Rebecca Acker on said:

    My boyfriend loves bacon, I will have to try those one day! Super cute. 🙂

  • dalton on said:

    Wasn't even thinking about easter yet, but those cool egg prints got me inspired. Thanks for sharing that link. We eat a lot of hardboiled
    eggs in our house, so I think I may actually try this soon (though maybe they'll be so pretty we won't want to eat them?!?)

  • Laura on said:

    That wee mouse pattern is adorable–I'm thinking a certain Mister Man may appreciate something like that! Thanks for sharing the link! 😀

  • NaomiAnselmo on said:

    Those easter eggs are so cool! Mmm, my brain gears are turning now…

  • Traci on said:

    I can’t wait to try out that Wee Mouse Tin House pattern! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Leah on said:

    bacon hearts, cinnamon rolls + beer = amazingness!
    Love your Links to love friday posts. they are the best xo

  • Kara on said:

    I love the bacon hearts! They turned out so cute. All these links are fantastic. Such great projects. Good luck painting the floors!

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