Wordless{ish} Wednesday: To the Zooo!

Two days before Christmas the fam and I wandered over to our local zoo. R got a zoo pass for her birthday last year… and, we really wanted to take advantage of it before it expires! AND, it wasn’t raining (yay) and, we sorta knew it would be empty. We have the Zoo Lights each winter at our zoo and it gets PACKED at night…. so, we went just before the zoo lights started… enjoyed the freedom of letting R walk without getting trampled! So nice. It was freeeeeezing…. but, still very fun. 
All of the animals were out! All of them! All the bears…. cats, wolves…. everyone was up and out to say hi to Ruari! 😉
– Ruari asking over and over where the Puma is. You see… R is obsessed with Diego and there’s always a Puma chasing Diego. So, she wanted to see one. Side note: every time we get in our car R starts saying, “There’s a Puma chasing us!” Every time.
– The cougars were out playing! One of them was playing with a ball and looked like a sweet little kitty… with fangs and claws. Ruari was asking, “Mama, play kitty?” “Mama! I play kitty?” That was making everyone at the cougar spot giggle. She really wanted to play with the kitties… and, they were so close to us. She didn’t quite understand why she couldn’t play too. 😉
– Mike taught R how to put her hands in her pockets while she’s walking to keep them warm and toasty. It’s adorable. 
Can you tell which one of us was super happy to stop walking and checking out all the animals to take a photo?
{Headwrap from lovely Susannah Bean}

Pretty much: an awesome family day.

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