I’m no chicken.

… Ok, maybe a little. BUT, just the thought of doing any large scale project scares the poo outta me! I have a Million ideas. Not even kidding. AND, I write them all down. Sometimes with a little sketch in my visual journal. Anytime I think of starting a large scale project… my mind shoots it down because I’m too scared I’ll ruin something. That would probably be why I didn’t do so well on my “this before that” list this year.

What’s up with me this year? Well, I’m going to do it. I’m going to tackle those projects! I can do it! I actually know I can: I’ve built a furniture (back in college… that’s another story). First project up: changing/fixing/cleaning up my awkward fireplace wall. I wont go into too much detail of what I’m doing… but, I will tell you it will not cost much… at all. My goal (always) with fixing up my home is: use as many used/repurposed materials as I can. I like to use the discarded materials that someone else didn’t want… in my home. I know I can make it work. I just need to suck it up and stop worrying.

See this wall…. it will change this year! I will make it look so much more pretty and lovely! Along with more storage and organization for those darn wires! Woo hoo! Who’s excited! I am!

That poor wall. Totally neglected. I really don’t like looking at it… but, it’s so hard since it’s actually the focal point of the whole darn room (our living/dining/entry/play area). It will happen. And, now that I’ve said that… you all have to hold me to it. Hee. I mean… no excuses anymore. ::do it do it do it:: I just imagined you all chanting that. Now I’m pumped!

And, just a little note: this really is the focal point of half of my house. We live in a 1920’s home that’s falling apart has lots of character. It’s less than 950 square feet. So, anything I can do to update/add storage and function will make my life easier and me happier! I do love this home… but, we’re still working on making it function for us.

How about you… any projects you will tackle this year? Throw your fears and insecurities behind you and just do it?

– Chelsey

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  • Hillary on said:

    I think I come up with new projects every day, and Pinterest doesn't help my addiction!

    My husband and I have two projects in mind right now. The first is re-sizing our table from a rectangle to a square. It seems simple enough but seeing how it's been over a month since the idea came to mind we're clearly unmotivated.

    The second project is making wall panels to separate our dining room from our living room. We cannot agree on a print! He is way too feminine for me, and he's covered in tattoos! Men. Gotta love them 🙂

    Anyway, I'm with you. I come up with ideas but then scare myself away. Good luck with yours! I'm sure they'll be great!

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