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A while back I read a post from Beth Anne on Heir to Blair about how Twitter broke blogging. AND, I’m sorta new to Twitter… I had an account back in 2008 and never did anything with it… it’s gone. Now I have my @thepapermama account  (started one year ago) and love it.. I luuuuve it. ANYway… back to what I was saying…
Twitter has sort of ruined blogging. All of those silly random things I would have normally just blogged about… I tweet about. All the funny things my silly SILLY kid says to me… tend to mostly end up on twitter… lost… possibly to never be found again. I don’t want to lose them. I want to remember what Ruari’s been up to…. and, what I had for dinner 5 months ago (ok, maybe I don’t care about that…. unless it was fried chicken or Oreos… or fried oreos? Mmmm…).
Here are a few tweets from mahself that I would like to remember…. from the past 3 months. 🙂
10/1/11: R has jut started trying to count… “3, 4, 7, 9, 7, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10.” #mychild
10/6/11: AND…. I’ve lost my mind. I just told someone my daughters name is Chelsey. #soclose #maybenexttime
10/7/11: I just put a diaper in the fridge. #mamabrain #imawesome
10/7/11: Ha ha! I almost wrote, “I love you.” in reply to a comment because someone said it on tv in the background. Ha ha ha! #imcrazay
10/11/11: I am totally crying right now. Ruari keeps saying, “I yuv yoouuuu!!!” Translation: I love you. First time she’s said it to meeeeeeee.
10/13/11: Ummm… My daughter just did a pretend scream and ran away saying, “bug!”. #wheredidshelearnthat
10/26/11: I gave R a diaper and told her to change her diaper. She’s actually trying…. Ha! How convenient that would be…. ;D #mychild #gobabygo
Normally I will kiss ouchies when R falls… But, she fell on her bum and is saying, “Kiss butt? Kissss butt?” #hahaha
10/29/11: The best thing ever: Ruari saying, “Bye bye mama! I yuv youuu!” as I’m leaving. <3 #love
11/1/11: My kid is cracking me up. Whenever I ask her if she wants something… she says, “A ‘course!”…. aka: Of Course! #hahaha #cute
11/3/11: I am dying from the cuteness! My child refuses to take these off! <3 #hahaha
11/4/11: Look what my daughter is making me wear! I think I will wear it out for girls night tonight! #stylish
11/11/11: I’m guessing every parent has to go through the toddler painting with poo thing. #myturntoday #hahaha #gross
11/12/11: Husband: “Oh, holy crap! Oh, whoops crap! Bah!” Daughter: “Holwy crap?” Sometimes it’s hard to never cuss…. #copycatkid
11/23/11: My hubs thinks I’m crazy because I asked him if he took the garbage cans out yesterday… Cause we do that on Fridays. #yesterdaywastuesday
11/25/11: I just asked naughty R if she needed a timeout… She said, “no. no need the timeout mama.” when did she turn human? #mychild
11/26/11: I don’t even want to tell you guys what I’m eating…. ok, I will. It’s delicious! I put gravy on mac and cheese. Yup. #heartattackinabowl
11/26/11: I asked winey girl what’s wrong today? She said, “ima grumpy.” #mychild #bwahaha
11/30/11: Do you ever talk to your animals like they’re your toddler and can understand you? Yeah, me too. #crazytalk
12/5/11: I don’t think I will ever stop doing the newborn baby sway while standing… #standinginline #swaying #nobabyhere #momhabit
12/7/11: Ruari keeps wiping me with a towel and saying, “Ewww, mama clean the poopy.” over and over. #ishouldbeoffended #hahaha #toddlers
12/8/11: Me: “Watch where you’re going, there’s a wall there.” Ruari: “Good idea mama. Good idea.” what? She is so cute. #hahaha #23months
12/9/11: Ha ha ha! My child asked me to take a photo of her. This is how she smiled with the addition of 2 paci’s.
12/9/11: R’s reaction to a lipstick commercial: “Oh no! Oh no! I’m scared of the purple!” what? Not her shade I guess. 😉
12/10/11: She keeps asking me to take a photo of her elbow. #hahaha #weirdo 

12/14/11: So exhausted. I was running from a murderer all night. I never have those dreams. #nightmare #timeforcaffeine
12/15/11: Dang. Zombies were out to get me in my dreams last night. So tired again. #nightmare
12/22/11: I don’t know where Ruari learned “COWABUNGA!” from… BUT, I love it. It’s totally tubular, dude! #teenagemutantninjaturtles
12/23/11: R is asleep on top of 5 books. I want to move her… But, will she fall back asleep? That’s the big question.
12/24/11: AND, then I died. I buckle R in the car… She asks, “What up, Mama?” ha!
12/26/11: Ruari came running in the room and yelled, “I’m a doctor!” then left.
I’d encourage you to wander back through your old tweets! It’s so fun looking back.


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