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I’m headed in this week (before Alt Summit) to get my hair colored…. My growout is pretty bad at the moment. My natural hair color is “dishwater blonde” as it’s called in the hair color books… Pretty much a very blah/ashy/dark blonde. And, I have been adding very light blonde highlights to my hair since I was 12. Yup. 12. My mom is a hair stylist and one day we just tried out hair color on me… and, we haven’t stopped since. 
In college (about 8 years ago) I got bold and dyed my hair red (with some blonde underneath). I liked it… BUT, I have a pretty pale complexion and I always joked I looked like a vampire. SO. I’m getting ready to head in to my hair appointment… AND, I’d like something new. I know I like getting my hair colored blonde. BUT, I always do that. I added pieces of bright red under my blonde hair this last fall and LOVED it. Not this time though. I’m thinking going a little more drastic. 
Just for fun I played around with coloring my hair in photoshop (as inspired by this post from the sweet Moorea Seal). Out of all… I’m considering the brown and ombre. Who knows… maybe I’ll chicken out and just go back to blonde. I don’t know. BUT, it is free. And, why not? Hmmm… 
What do you think?


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  • Jess on said:

    I like brown best 🙂

  • Lindsay on said:

    I like the brown + blue 😉

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