Wordless{ish} Wednesday: My little 25 month old.

So, this last weekend I thought, “Oh, hey! Ruari is a month older on the 18th! She’ll be…. 25 months?” When do I stop? I have been doing monthly updates on my blog for my girl since she was…. what, 5 months? Now she’s one month over 2. Well, my girl HAS changed and grown quite a bit since her 2nd birthday.

It’s hard to believe… but, she is singing and dancing even more than she was 30 days ago. She knows the words to these songs: ABC’s, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She sings them loud and in public and for anyone and everyone. She loves to dance. We dance a lot. Every day. We love music! The Dora channel on Pandora is definitely her favorite. She talks so much… I can’t even list all the words… she just ‘gets’ it. Seriously: talk talk talk talk talk ALL day long. FYI: she’s a big ‘ol copycat. She copies EVERYthing we say (gotta watch the curse words). Her favorite foods: raw broccoli, cheerios, raisins, bananas, peanut butter, pot stickers, and all fruit. She will not eat anything green (except broccoli), sauce, meats (except chicken). She tells us she loves us all the time. Gives kisses, hugs, and high fives. She has the most amazing memory (can’t trick her). We just cut the tip off her paci this last weekend…. so far: it’s going pretty well. Next up: potty training? Ha! Probably not. She’s afraid of the hole in the toilet. 🙂 Pretty much: she’s AWEsome. I love her. P.S. She started her 2-4 year old dance class this week. It was absolutely adorable.

– I’m at Alt Design Summit this week! ::party dance:: So, I probably wont be able to respond to any comments till next week! Talk to you all latah! And, while you’re at it… don’t forget to enter for your chance to win $100 towards ModCloth from ME! –

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  • shannonmarie on said:

    My daughter is only a few months older than your daughter. They seem to have a lot in common. Same favorite foods, (except my daughter eats the green stuff), songs (can't get enough of the ABCs and Itsy Bitsy Spider), a lot of talking and dancing. She wants to take a dance class, too, but I can't seem to find a class that will take her before 3 and potty-trained. We've got the potty-training down; which just need to wait until she turns 3.

  • Kate on said:

    Little girls rock!

    When they start dancing and singing it is just so much fun!

  • Desi on said:

    nothing is sweeter than when they ask you for a hug. Well maybe everything the do is pretty flippin' sweet. love the babes.

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  • Gaby @ Tmuffin on said:

    So sweet! It's amazing how much they grow at this age. Wait 6 months and look back at this post. You'll be amazed. She is adorable.

  • Sara on said:

    sooo stinkin cute! she sounds like an awesome little eater, so great! 🙂

  • Laura on said:

    A 2-4 year old dance class sounds like the cutest thing since baskets full of kittens…I can't wait to see photos/videos! 😀

  • Heather Kale on said:

    She is adorable. My little girl will be two in April she is also scared of the toilet. I cannot wait to put her in dance! Have fun at Alt Summit.

  • kristin on said:

    that is just the cutest smile ever!! she is just adorable!!

  • alicia on said:

    Don't rush it. This is the most beautiful time in her little life. Oh, if only I could have just bottled that age… lol. Have fun at your summit. I'm sure you'll come back refreshed and full of new ideas. Happy WW!

  • kat9365 on said:

    awww it sounds like she's a wonderful little human being! Don't you sometimes wish that you could be like her? Dancing and singing singing for all to see and hear with out inhibition? Sometimes, I do.

  • Lauren on said:

    That is so cute! I love it when my kid sings. He started praying too but I can't make heads or tails of it.

  • Rebecca Doyle on said:

    Your comment about the monthly update made me smile! My little girl has just gone 1 month after 2 1/2…. and I figure I should probably stop now before I start confusing myself.
    Sweet photo!

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