I have a kid.

I have a kid. Some of you may be like, “Umm… yeah, we already know that.” But, for whatever reason I just realized it tonight. Not a baby… not just a little toddler: a kid. A real human kid. 
I love babies. I love those squishy/smooshy sweet babies. BUT, they’re not kids. OMG. There was a moment tonight when Mike was helping Ruari brush her teeth that I truly understood I have a real kid. He spit out his toothpaste in the sink and Ruari said, “Spit too?” So, he picked her up and she spit in the sink. I’ve helped her do this before… but, I’ve never actually seen her do it. It was so real and amazing. Yup, spitting in the sink is amazing when you’re a mom. 😉 And, I teared up. We created this little human. And, we’ve raised her. And, taught her how to eat/speak/spit/everything.
It’s just amazing. And, yeah… I’m about to get all mushy: I love that girl so much! And, I’m even saying this on one of the most meltdown-y days in her little history. WHOA man. Meltdown city. BUT, that doesn’t even matter. 
I love my little 2-year-old.


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  • jennifer schmidt on said:

    as a new mom, im totally there! my riley will be 17 months on the 8th and i dont remember life without her. i keep hearing people talk about how their young children talk. i think thats when its gonna hit me hard. to hear words come together in sentences to convey how she feels or ask a question. your little(big) girl, ruari is beautiful. just found your blog today and lovin it! thx!

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