Steppin Out: Christmas Eve Style

<< my style: //sweater vest: thrifted//blouse: thrifted//jeans: f21//shoes: very clearance Target// >>
Every Christmas Eve my family and I head out for Chinese food! This tradition started when I was 7-years-old. Forever we went to the same family owned Chinese restaurant where the very sweet owner new all our names and was so kind… and the food was delicious… BUT, I’m now 28 (getting close to 29) and she sold her place about 5 years ago. The food of the new place: not so good. SO, we moved on to going to PF Changs each Christmas Eve. We’ve done that the past 4 years now. Delicious. 
Check out the best fortune for a toddler ever! This little fortune was in Ruari’s cookie! Perfect. 😉

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