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While the fam and I are recovering from an amazing and lovely Christmas… I wanted to share a couple of handmade gifts I bought for Christmas this year. In Portland we have a pretty large handmade show, Crafty Wonderland. It’s the perfect spot for me to get my crafty fix and support handmade. Buy handmade. This year I purchased 4 things from Crafty for presents…. ok, one was a gift for me… BUT, here they are… I wanted to show these creative people some love.

The very lovely Emily Martin from The Black Apple. One of my favorite artists. I will have to admit… I freaked out just a tiny bit maybe a lot (please note: all freak-outs were hidden inside myself of course…. unless there was a ::snort:: or something that squeaked out… I can’t be too sure.). ANYway… she was there. I was VERY excited. TOO shy to ask her to sign the print I bought… but, I did ask her for a photo for my blog. So lovely you guys. A goal of mine: to someday own one of her handmade dolls… they always sell out before I can get my hands on one! Someday….. Please give her a visit. She’s so lovely.

Ok… So, this was a sortof newly discovered artist. Nicole J. Georges. I’ve seen one of her prints around (the cutest kitty in a wig)… BUT, I never actually knew who the artist was AND, that she’s in Portland! She was so sweet and I was so in love with her original drawings on doily’s! I’ve said it before: Ruari loves doggies! So much. I bought this sweet piece to hang in my girl’s room. It’s a Christmas gift. I know she’ll love it! <3

NEXT… CHOCOLATE. Yup. DELICIOUS AMAZING CHOCOLATE! I bought Mike some yum yum yum brittle for his stocking from Rose City Sweets. It’s delicious. Here’s my plan: when Mike isn’t looking… I steal the brittle. I think that’s a great idea. And, I didn’t realize it until I got home… but, I’ve met this sweet lady before. At the Summit of Awesome… when R was just a wee babe. 🙂

This lady, Laurie, had quite the booth! My mom said she’s seen her stuff before, but I had not. It was PACKED with people. She had all these lovely pieces that she crafted with vintage finds. So many wreaths… trees… my little bird above… all so sweet. I may need to buy one of her wreaths next year. 🙂
I really hope you all had the most lovely and amazing holiday ever! I know I did. I’ll be sure to share to holiday photo love on Wednesday. For now… it’s family time. 🙂 Happy Monday!


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