Day 22: White Chocolate Dipped Oreos with Peppermint!

Day 22: hi, chelsey’s readers! i’m stephanie, and i blog over at mrs.stephanie t. i’m so happy to be guest posting at this lovely ladies blog today. when chelsey contacted me about doing a DIY post, i have to be honest… i was a little skeptical. {i may very well be the least craftiest person in the world.} but then she mentioned cookies! and i was all for it. i hope you enjoy my super simple but deliciously yummy cookie recipe!
what you’ll need:
1 package of oreos
1 package of peppermints {you’ll only use 3 or 4}
1 package of white chocolate candy melts
i would say first step, but this is so simple you really don’t need them. all you need to do is melt down your candy melts until it makes warm, white chocolatey goodness. i took the time to crush a couple of peppermints with the back of a knife while they melted. // p.s. it’s okay if you think it resembles soup and decide to eat a couple of spoonfuls. not to say that i did or anything… *side eye*
after that, you’ll just dip those crunchy little cookies right in there until they’re completely submerged! then, take them out and set them on either a baking rack or parchment paper. if you’re the least domestic person in the world like i am, you’ll use aluminum foil. sprinkle with the peppermints while they’re still warm {that’s the key!}. and voila! let me dry for about 30 minutes or so and you’re done. i told y’all this was simple.
they’ll look a little like that when they’re done. granted, yours will probably look much better. remember the domestically challenged, here. after that, all you need to do is package them up in some cute little glitter {we all love glitter} chinese take-out looking boxes, add an ornament, and you have an adorable gift all ready to go! i bought the boxes at michael’s for $1 and the ornaments at target for $1 as well. i used J for my husband and H for my daughter. really cheap, but really cute.
now bask in your simple domestic-ness and enjoy a cookie. you deserve it.
Thank you SO much to Stephanie from Mrs. Stephanie T.! What a LOVELY guest post.I need those. Immediately! 😀 Thank you for joining my 50 DIY Days of Christmas!


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