Wordless{ish} Wednesday: The pumpkin patch!

{This last Saturday the fam and I wandered over to a local pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins! AND: we had pretty darn lovely weather! I was 90% sure it was going to rain (since rain usually starts in October in Oregon… and goes through May? June? ;} Kidding… sorta… ). But, it did not rain. It was a beautiful Autumn day. PERFECT temperature. <3}
{Of course R had a fantastic time. She ran all over the place patting each pumpkin… trying to pick up the largest pumpkins… refusing to take a photos with me (screaming… I had to tell her no more Dora… hey it works. ;D). There were goats, horses, and little baby chicks. R wanted to take all of them home with her. Especially the horsies.}
{After about an hour we rounded up our pumpkins… and, dragged R out of there (not really, but sorta). I’m pretty sure she believed that was our new home. On the way back to the car… R plopped herself down on the grass and let me take some sweet photos of her. <3}

{Oh man… she looks so old in these photos! I can’t believe she’s almost freakin’ 2!!!! Anyway, it was a lovely family day. One more thought: I love leggings under dresses… that way I can wear a dress and crawl all over the ground taking photos of my babe without flashing anyone… even though I do love flashing people… I kid. Random fact: I wore shorts under my dress all summer so I didn’t flash people since I have a toddler and am all over the place. :D}
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