Scary shiz

I can’t stop thinking about the guest post I read on Scary Mommy: Almost. It has completely and totally scared the poo outta me.
A quick sum up of this scary post: this mama’s 6-year-old girl went to her daycare… came home and started talking to her mommy about how the daycare lady’s 12-year-old son was pretty much trying to coax her and her friend’s into the bathroom for something that wouldn’t last long and he wouldn’t tell anyone what happened…………. she didn’t go. She was strong and told her mommy she would never have gone. (go girl).
I have always known these things can happen… and, this is only one instance that I happened to read one day. But, it freaks me out! It makes me so emotional… Now being a mama to my little girl… I want to protect her from anything and everything bad in the world. Of course I can’t always be there holding her hand and making sure no one hurts her. I wish I could… but, I can’t.
Now I’m left with mind wanderings… how do I properly raise and teach Ruari to be a strong girl and woman… to teach her she can say “no” (even as a 6-years-old) when she thinks something’s not right? Somehow… at some point… most likely sooner than later… I’m going to need to explain/talk/discuss with her that she should/can/will say, “no!” to anyone that asks/tries/forces to touch her or asks/makes her touch them. To talk to me and any adult. Kick/scream/bite/fight! That’s it.
Why are there creepers out in the world? Even as young as 12? Who disturbed and hurt this young boy… where he learned this behavior? ::sigh:: I cannot and will not ever understand why people do these horrible things… but, they do. I just need to raise and teach my girl she can kick ass and she is in control of her body.


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