Ugh. Well, I did it.

I did it. I tried timeout for the 2nd time… and, it worked. It KILLED me. Like, seriously. She’s been almost impossible to change diapers (kicking and hitting). And, I can barely get her changed. This time we did a 30 second time out… she cried and said mama up mama up mama up… oh man… it was TERRIBLE. My heart ached.

The results from this 30 second timeout… a sweet toddler. We hugged, we gave each other a kiss. I said, “Thank you.” She said, “You’re welcome.”. WOw. As hard as that timeout was… it was so worth it. I think I will need to keep doing this… especially since she’s getting pretty ‘hitty’ with Mike and I.

Are timeouts successful for you? Inquiring minds need to know. 😉


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