50 DIY Days: Your Christmas card photo!

1: Vintage style
2: Play with your camera!
3: Catch a special moment
4: A view from above!
5: Play with props
6: Dress up a dog! That’s pretty much ALWAYS a win in my book. ;D
7: Set up your camera and just let your kids be themselves
8: Dress up a sleepy baby. 😀
9: Get silly. I love this one.
10: Put a sweater on. Your dog! ;D
11: Silly kid!
12: Set your kid up with some props… and, let them go… snap away!
13: Re-imagine an old image….
14: Create a scene with figurines… This one cracks me up!
15: Just take a photo of your kids. They are pretty darn awesome the way they are. 🙂

My hubs and I have already planned our Christmas card for this year…. I will share it in a couple of weeks… 🙂 BUT, for now I hope the photos above have inspired you to create your Christmas card this year! Start planning now! Before you know it… Christmas will be here! I generally like to have my Christmas card all ready to be printed the first week in November! That way I don’t have to rush and worry about it later. 🙂

Do you have any plans for your Christmas card photo this year? Be sure to come back at the end of November for the Holiday Photo Challenge! Lots of prizes. 🙂

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