Wordless{ish} Wednesday: 22 months old!

{Ruari’s outfit: sweater//thrift, dress//Fred Meyer, leggings//Target, shoes//Target}
{Sweet little baby toddler girl,}
{You are officially 2 months away from turning two (well, you turned 22 months on the 18th… I just forgot)!!! I absolutely love this age. You tell me things… you show interest in things…. you REMEMBER things! A couple days ago I wandered into your room to get you up from naptime…. “Mama, kitteh eatin! Mama, kitteh eatin’! Hungy, kitteh hungy. Kitteh eat berry. Yummmmm.” Basically you had your stuffed kitty, and you were telling me kitty was hungry, so you were pretending to pick the berries off your bumper and feed them to your kitty. Yum! It was so cute.}
{You carry around your stuffed animals all day long… wrapping up in blankets, changing their diapers, giving them bottles… You’re so gentle with them. You’ve also started attempting your ABC’s…. I’m pretty sure you’ve learned it from an electronic toy. Just like you probably learned your numbers from sesame street. 🙂 You ask me to sing more, “ABC-C’s!” all day long. You try to sing patty cake… you dance like a crazy lady…. you’re  a picky eater (that’s new)…. we’ve been working on timeouts and they’re going pretty well. No potty training yet… I’m just avoiding it. ;)}
{We’ve been taking you to a little art class each week. You L O V E it. Painting is your favorite. I think we’ll do another art class in January… along with a creative dance class for 2 year old’s! <—— I’m betting that’s pretty adorable. :D}
{I LOVE you so much. I tear up just thinking of how much I love you. Happy 22 months to you!}
{- Mama}

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