Wordless{ish} Wednesday: AND… then, she turned 20 months old.

Hey baby girl…
Here you are… a mere 4 months away from your 2nd birthday. I can’t even believe it. You are crazy amazing and I love you more than anything (yes, even more than fried chicken and wine. that’s a LOT).

You are wonderful… you say “bless you” to every sneeze… you pointed at a black dog and said, “black” (umm… where did you learn your colors?)… you can count from 4 to 5 (ha ha! seriously. 4, 5. 4, 5. 4, 5.)… you pretty much repeat anything I say (damn my cussing ways… must stop…)… when you meet someone new, you appear to be shy. BUT, I know better: you like to observe your new surroundings from my arms until you are cool with it. Then, you’re crazy. ;)… You’re Uncle Adam taught you how to high five… you are in love with your aunt Nicole and uncle Mike (they’re visiting us for a month from New Zealand)… You’re still OBSESSED with Dora and Diego. OBSESSED… still sucking on a Paci. Not sure how I’ll be breaking that habit… I haven’t even attempted to potty train you. :)… you’re meltdowns are insane and very dramatic. I may need to look into timeouts. That scares me… your favorite animals are Dogs! But, you do love cats and horses too… For whatever reason you end every word in a high pitch. It’s hilarious and pretty cute… Your hair is outta control. But, you wont let me cut your bangs and I can’t seem to keep hair clips in… you love trying on clothes/accessories and checkin yourself in the mirror…. I’ve trained you to tell me I look pretty (ha ha… kidding. sorta.)… Pretty much: you are awesome.

I love you so freakin much! Happy 20 months!


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