Owning your self portraits.

Self portraits… something most of us photography lovers fear: turning the camera around. BUT, self portraits are beautiful. At least I think so. Yes…. I HATE it when I have a 5 billion chin photo (this happens a lot)… or, I don’t look as fit and slim as I did when I was 16 (I mean really…). But, I do honestly believe that we need to own our beauty! Wow… that really sounded like some cheesy tv commercial… But, it’s true. There are things about my body that I really don’t love… like my crazy zig zaggy c-section scar and unfinished appendectomy scar… tired looking eyes… but, I try to throw those insecurities aside when I take a self portrait.

I guess for me… the hardest thing about taking self portraits is getting over myself… Even if no one is around I still get insecure… like someone will find me photographing myself and say, “Pfft, that girl is photographing herself! Weird!” That hasn’t happened… that I know of. 😉 Self portraits are some of my favorite photos to do. They’re fun and I love experimenting with them. Below are some examples of different ways I like to take self portraits… hopefully they can inspire you!
Poser! Why not? So, these seem to be the hardest for me to take. Mostly because I’m making an effort to pose and look good and prevent double chin….

 Arm’s lengthcan be so strong and emotional. I really love to fill up a photo….

Be silly…. It’s always fun to laugh at yourself! These are usually my favorite to take (umm… especially when they involve a cupcake…)!

Change you view! What about all the details around you? The details in life are so very important to capture!

And, just because… here is some self portrait inspiration from a few favorite photography bloggers…

{1. Mandy from A Sorta Fairytale 2. Ashley Sisk 3. Ashley Sisk 4. Jess from IROCKSOWHAT 5. Mandy from A Sorta Fairytale 6. Elena from Selfie Magic}
I also recommend reading this wonderful post from A Beautiful Mess. Very inspiring and she shares a ton of wonderful tips! So, what about you? Do you own your self portraits?


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