Hair Tutorial: Braided Bun


So, I’ve seen many versions of this braided bun on the web…. and, I thought I’d give it a try! Of course… I’m not a hair stylist and really don’t know what the hay I’m doing… BUT, I do love having my hair up and pretty! So, here goes….

How I created my version of the Braided Bun…
– I did a “french braid” from the left side… to the right side…. (I honestly don’t know how to french braid… I just guessed… very hard to do myself ;D).
– I braided all the way from the left side to the end of my hair on the right side.
– Taking the braid I folded it back from the left… back to the right.
– Tucking in the end of my braid… I pinned my braid to the nape of my neck. Any fly-aways I pinned down… 🙂
– That’s it! Hopefully I can get it a little more neat next time. Super easy though!

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