Father’s Day 2011

{“Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad.”}

Soooo…. can you guess which one of us wasn’t very happy about the family photo above? ;D Mike’s 2nd father’s day was a lovely relaxing one. We spent the day out at my uncles house where I managed to eat 5 gallons of jalapeno popper dip that Mike made… not even joking… it was probably 5 pounds. I’ll have to share the recipe… so freakin’ yummy. I wish I had some right now… enough about that yummy dip… lets talk about my Living Healthy!

A quick update on my 30 Day Shred (which is more like my Every Day Shred since I’ve been doing it since the beginning of May. :D). I did actually put myself on a scale and found out I lost 5 pounds. BUT, it’s not a weight loss thing for me. It’s seriously how my clothes are fitting. And, they are fitting better! I’m so much more comfortable in my old clothes! Yay!
I’ve just moved onto Level 3 of the shred! Yes… it took me that long to get to it! I actually have to modify the workouts so I’m not jumping on my bad knees… Even though level 3 is WAY more difficult… I think I like it best of all the other levels! Maybe because it seems like it goes by faster? Hmmm… Ok, that’s my update! If you’re shredding… or, you’d like to shred… click the button below to link up with Naptime Momtog!

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