You are 18 months old.

Hello my baby girl!
You are officially 18 months old… well, you were on the 18th. BUT, I didn’t make it on the date… as usual. No matter! Here we are. I now have a one and a half year old baby. NO… toddler! I mean… you aren’t really a baby anymore.

I can’t even count how many words you are saying. The doctor asked me at your wellness check… and I told her over a million. Because… you say and know so many words! Sometimes it surprises me when you see something and you say what it is! How do you know? You’re so little! You can name most of your body parts… But, you absolutely refuse to call your toes “toes”. I say “toes” you repeat “tootsies”! Ha! I blame Coral (via Kelsey) for that one! It’s cute. 🙂

You’ve renamed your stuffed dog, Bernie, “Buh-bee”. <3 . You love your cats! Angus is just there… you love him, but he wont let you slap him like that cats do (they’re sick and they love being slapped). You’ve recently decided that you love to watch Dora (yay! that gives mommy some time to get stuff done! :D). I like to put hats and other accessories on you and tell you to go look in the mirror or show your daddy… you smile and walk slowly (making sure not to drop what I put on you) to look at yourself or show Mike! Ha!

Well… you’re even MORE addicted to your pacifier… I’m starting to worry that you wont ever want to give it up… especially since you’ve been walking around patting it like a baby and “shushing” it. Oh man. You absolutely love animals of all kind… except for Chickens. You were actually shaking when you saw your cousin’s chickens. You would point at them and say, “No no no no no no.” That’s not going to work so well since I plan on getting chickens next year! 😀

I could go ON and On and ON ON ON about everything your doing… but, I wont. It’s all been documented on this here blog… bwa ha ha ha! 🙂

I love you SO much. Happy 1.5 year! Next up: Potty training? Hmmm….


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