Interview day.

A couple weekends ago I was contacted by a writer from the Flux magazine. This is a University of Oregon magazine. It’s mostly an online magazine, but also has one annual print magazine. Great photos and lovely stories! So, she wanted to interview me… while reading some blogs she stumbled into the world of “mom blogging”. Somehow through clicking through a ton of blogs she stumbled onto mine.

Since I’m an Oregon blogger she emailed me to see if I was interested in an interview. Sooo… after making sure it was a real magazine and her and the photographer were real people (turns out they are. Click here to see the photographers website) they came to my home last Wednesday. Just because I’m paranoid… I didn’t want to be alone when they came by. My friend Kim and little Danny came by to hang out while they were here.
I was worried that I would be too boring… I mean… what could they photograph me doing for 2 or 3 hours? But, it turned out to be fun. Both of them are great people and I really enjoyed it. Ruari was shy at first… but, then she warmed up… then she was SO comfortable she even showed off her melt down skills. Ha! That’s my girl. 
So, I’ll know in a couple months or so if it will be in their annual print in June. I’ll let you guys know!
After they left the skies were clear and everything was fresh after all the rain/hail we were having… and, my Mom and brother showed up… so, we wandered outside to get a couple photos.

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One more thing: I caught my brother playing with Ruari’s toys in the play corner… I snapped a quick photo. Of course. I told him this photo has to go on my blog. Hee. I guess the sibling teasing doesn’t end even when we’re old. 😀 Look how happy he is playing there! What a good boy. 🙂

It was a long, but fun day! I very much enjoyed it.

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