Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Ruari turns 13 months!

{Well…. she turned 13 months yesterday. BUT, I forgot to write up a post to have ready for Tuesday. So, I took a bunch of photos of her on her 13 months day!}

{What’s up with you:

– You turned 1-year-old one month ago! Wow.
– You’ve taken 3-4 consecutive steps about 5 times…. 😀
– You love to stand on your own.
– You “cruise” around the whole house.
– Crawl non-stop.
– Babble babble babble. Seriously. You hold whole conversations with anything. Even your hands!

the long road

– You weigh 21 pounds.
– Foods you love: Bananas, Greek yogurt, oranges, eggs, chicken, feta, kalamata olives, blue cheese, any cheese, apple sauce.. ok, you’ll pretty much eat anything we give you now. 😀 Yes, you even like lemons!
– Your FAVORITE toy is Bernie the Bernese Mountain Dog
– You yell REALLY loud anytime you see a real doggy. Yesterday you scared two ladies when you yelled at their dog! It was funny. 😀
– You’ll stop what you’re doing if you see a animal on TV.
– You love to lick give kisses to us.
– Dancing is a little hobby of yours.

– You give kisses to all your stuffed animals (these kisses seem more like bites…).
– You LOVE to lay your head down and hug your giant teddy bear!
– It’s pretty hilarious when we chew on your toes. You’ve even started sticking your feet up to our mouths.
– Changing your diaper/changing your clothes is SO much more difficult since you hate it so much.
– Bathtime is pretty cool. You don’t have any bath toys… I don’t know why. But, you love to play with the was cloth.
– 10 Little Babies is your favorite book to read. You will sit and talk to that book for a good half hour. All the little pictures.
– We can ask “Where’s the kitty?” or “Where’s the doggy?” and you’ll point them out.
– Words you are saying: Was da? (what’s that), A dah? (also what’s that), An-duh (Angus), Mamamamamam (Mama), Da da (daddy), Dongay (Doggie), Duguh (also Doggie), AND you make a ton of other noises that I don’t quite know what they mean.

– There’s a major addiction to that pacifier you have there… you have to sleep with it… or you’ll wake up in the middle of the night. *sigh*
– You’re getting better around other babies… not as shy.
– You’ve been resting your head against me. I love it.
– We actually sat and cuddled on your giant teddy bear yesterday. For 10 minutes! You never sit still that long. 😀
– Pretty much you’re turning into a pretty amazing girl.


{Happy 13 months baby girl!}

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