Birthday stuff.

All I want for my birthday is… I don’t know! A camera lens… which one?

Day 17{365}: Crazy Cat Lady.
Sweet Shot Day
Thanks to all the advice I got from this postthis one right here… I’ve narrowed my camera lens choice down to the 50mm 1.4 OR the 55-250mm… oh goodness. I don’t know. What I DO know is whatever lens I buy… that will be it for a while. Maybe even till next Christmas. I’ve saved for this for quite a while. Now, with my birthday money coming soon I am ready to buy! But, which one? I don’t know.

Shutter Love Tuesday: Tints

Shutter Love Tuesday: Tints

Week 3{52}: Morning.

Day 13{365}: Oregon.

Day 14{365}: Xamara and Danny.

Day 15{365}: Farley.

Day 16{365}: It’s Raining… It’s Pouring…

Is anyone else noticing a pattern with my photos? They’re all up close and all in your face. I need to consider this. Oh man. I don’t know…. What do you guys think between these two lenses:
50mm 1.4 OR the 55-250mm

OH, and I went on a walk yesterday. NOT in my pajamas. A 30 minute… serious walk with a 21 pound baby on my back wearing jeans. NOT pajama jeanseven though I secretly want my own pair… I will get back in shape.

Awww…. I just realized that today (well… tomorrow since I’m writing this on Monday Night) is Ruari’s 13 months birthday! I’ll write a happy little update of her for Wednesday. Can’t miss that!

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