WANTED: Camera lens advice.

Good Monday everyone! So… with my birthday coming up on February first I’m asking my hubby and family just to give me some moolah that I can’t put towards a new lens! Yes! I was hoping to get a new lens during Christmas time… but, things didn’t quite work out. BUT, that’s ok. I’ll get that lens somehow!

NOW… here’s the deal. I really don’t know what kind of lens I want. Or need. I’m no photography pro. I currently have this lens right here: EF-S 18-55mm lens. It’s what came with my camera. I’ve talked to Lindsay, Ashley, and Mandy before when my budget was a bit more limited… but, now that I have saved a bit more and the birthday is coming up… my budget has gone up! Yay!

{Ruari pointing at the doggies that escaped from their backyard.}

SOOOooo… I’m looking for advice everyone! What do you recommend or like? and why? I’d really just love to know what lens is your favorite and why that is. If you have a moment to spare. 😀 By the way, I have this: Canon Digital Rebel Xsi

And, Ashley lady and Jill have a new photo/photoshop challenge that’s starting today. Check out this post for more info and you can join up! Looks like fun!

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