Photo Challenges for Monday

My 365 challenge days 7-9:

Day 7{365}: Flying Pretzel

Day 8{365}: Fruit Loops

I’m entering the above photo in Mikayla’s challenge: Simplicity and Macro Monday.

Mikayla: my life in wordsMM3

Day 9{365}: Black and White Ruari

52 Weeks of Me:

2{52}: Books

Well… this seems to really be the ONLY sort of book I’m reading these days… 😀 I’m reading the Hunger Game series too… but, it’s going slow cause I blog too much. ;D

I’m following Tia’s 52 Weeks of Me challenge. You can too! If you do… feel free to join and add your photos to my 52 Weeks of Me {and you} Flickr group! I want to see you! This week the theme is “Books” last week was “Hello”. NEXT week is: “Morning”

Shoot and Edit:

{SOOC shot}

This is the new photo challenge from Ashley and Jill. First you post your SOOC shot.. then, on Thursday’s, Ashley will post a tutorial for us to edit our photos. Can’t wait!

Happy Monday: Something cold

Cold stare:

Look at that cold stare Ruari’s giving me! She’s so over my photo shoots. 😀

Steppin’ Out Saturday:

This last Saturday was a VERY relaxed steppin’ out. I need some ME time. Mike watched Ruari while I went over to my buddy Courtney’s home to play the XBOX Knect. Is that even how you spell it? Anyway… it is so fun! AND: I’m totally out of shape. I’m sore from playing video games!

Sweatshirt: Macy’s
Pants and leggings: Gift from Grammy
Cardigan: TJMaxx
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Pants: Forever 21
Socks over pants: Anthropologie… I wore my socks over my 
pants as a joke for my friend. I’m so funny.

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