Sunday Challenges

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Boo, Black, Texture, Wet, and Language.


Boo! It’s a giant pin cushion! OooooOOooOOoooooo….


I took the photo above to create my own bokeh texture. If you’re wondering how I’ll do it, check out this neat tutorial on Paper Heart Camera by Mandy: Make your own bokeh. This also works for the Lens Art challenge: Color

The Journalings of a Julius


This night time shot feels grainy to me… along with the brick in the background. Texture.


This also works for Sunday Citar: “Home sweet home.”

AND, time for Steppin Out Saturday on Friday.

{Ruari 10.5 months}
Blouse under wrap: Anthropologie
Jeans: Forever 21 (REALLY old)
Shoes: Old Navy (REALLY OLD Navy)
Hat: Made by me. Thank you.
Sweatshirt: Old Navy
Onesie: Gift
Leggings: BabyLegs
Shoes: Carter’s

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