My Pick on Monday: First Friday

Mike and I enjoyed some time out of the house Friday night with the baby. It was First Friday! We have many First Friday’s around Oregon. You just need to pick one. Shops stay open later. Wine is served. Appetizers. It’s just a good time. And, to top it off: no rain. Rain wouldn’t normally stop us…. but, things are different with a baby.

I put on some real clothes. No pajamas tonight! 😀

We ended the night with a drink at the Lucky Lab (it’s a pizza place if you’re wondering). Then, we headed home. Ruari pretty much passed out right after we got her in her jammies. Busy night for her!

By the way: Ruari was sucking her thumb last night! She fell asleep with her thumb in her mouth. She is so addicted to her pacifier and she hasn’t ever really liked her thumb… Hopefully she’ll be able to soothe herself a little better with that thumb! Instead of searching for her pacifier.

Linking up my weekend for Manic Monday!

Manic Monday

My Pick on Monday: Monday through Sunday hair clips.
How many of you reading this didn’t know it was Monday until you read “Monday’s My Pick” right above this sentence? Well, look no further! Your baby can be your calendar! Hee. These really are SO cute! I found some Monday to Sunday hair clips in the Etsy shop: Chic Baby Rose

We are trying to put hair clips in Ruari’s hair each day to get her used to it… she really needs her bangs cut… but, I don’t know how that will turn out since she doesn’t like us touching her head/hair! 😀

{Chic Baby Rose}

{Chic Baby Rose}

The Paper Mama

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