Pacific NW Bloggy Buddy gathering!

We had another bloggy get together! If you all remember, we had one back in September…{You can flashback here…}. We decided since we had so much fun at the last get together… we HAD to do it again! BUT, baby free. 🙂 It was girls night time!

{Lindsay, Amy, Melissa, Jill, Mandy, and me.}

First, Ruari and I started out at Mandy’s house. Mandy was SO sweet and offered up a bed and room for me to stay in Saturday night. When I got into town we thought it would be fun to take some quick photos of the babies!

{Photo taken by Mandy}
{Photo taken by Mandy}
{Bennett 9 months and Ruari 10 months}
{This photo cracks me up. The look on his face!}
{Ruari pretty much waves at everything… nonstop}
{My big girl pulling up on everything!}
{I LOVE those thighs!}
{Shhhhh… Don’t tell Mandy, but I think Ruari pushed Bennett. ;D }

After playing around with the babies, my mom and grammy took Ruari to stay with some family for the night. I got a night off!

SO, the girls and I headed to Rock Bottom Brewery for some happy hour. What did we talk about? Well, you of course! All you bloggy mama’s! And, babies. What else do Mommy blogging mama’s have to talk about? ;D

Mandy, Melissa and I ran outside for a quick little photo session. It’s not everyday that we get all prettied up.

{Mandy and Melissa}
{Taking a photo of Melissa and I taking a photo of Mandy.}
{Mandy and Melissa}
{Photo taken by Mandy}
{Photo taken by Mandy}
{Photo taken by Mandy}
{Photo taken by Mandy}

We ended the evening at a frozen yogurt shop. Mmm. Very tasty. Chocolate… Oh, that reminds me… we have Halloween candy. Uh oh, I may need to have a piece! 😀

Day 9: Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

I can’t say there is any one person specifically. But, there are a couple of people I met while living in Seattle that I think about every once in a while. We all drifted apart… I moved to Oregon… Lost my phone that had their numbers (Well, I left it on the roof of our car)… and they don’t have Facebook’s. SOOOOooooo, oh well. 🙂

Sweet Shot Day

Oh man, I hope you all enjoyed the photos! We enjoyed taking them! And, if you get a second… a couple clicks will help keep me in the top 25. Much appreciated! Seriously!

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