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Hi! Here are a couple of photo challenges for Tuesday… Just a couple. I think I may have lost my mind. I decided to pull the carpet out of the baby’s room. There’s hardwood under there… but, it’s painted and rough. SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo… I think I better make the room look somewhat pretty before Mike gets home. 😀 Hee.

Shutter Love Tuesday: Collage

I know you have all seen those photos… but, those babies are SO cute I had to make a collage of them!


Simplicity photo challenge: Portrait

I love this portrait photo I took of Melissa from Hi, Baby.

Pioneer Woman assignment: Edit



Ok, that’s all for me today. Don’t forget you can enter this weeks photo challenge at Paper Heart Camera! And, the Paper Mama’s Photo Challenge too! And, if you get a chance I’d love a vote from you! THANKS so much!

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