After Ruari and I picked out her pumpkin on Tuesday, we made a trip to the store. I wanted to check out bulk candy prices to get a better idea of some birthday party costs. 

I ended up buying 2.5 pounds of gumdrops for $2.50… I wont tell you what I’m making just yet. 😀 It’s so simple. I’ll share a little tutorial after I’m done… which will be soon! Hopefully!

Those gumdrops have inspired me. Even though I think they taste horrible… they are very pretty.


My Three picks on Thursday:

1) Look at this cute gumdrop print I found on Etsy! So cute! I found it at: I Heart Kid Art.

{I Heart Kid Art}

AND, I found this neat gumdrop garland on Amazon. The store I bought my gumdrops from also have some large sized gumdrops! I’m thinking I may try and make a gumdrop garland for Ruari’s birthday party… OR, I’ll just get lazy and buy this plastic gumdrops garland from Amazon. ;D

{Gumdrop garland on Amazon}


2) All this planning for a birthday party that’s right around Christmas has really put me in the Christmas spirit! Seriously. I love Christmas. It was really hard for me last year. The 25th was a week after my horrible birth. It will be different this year. I have a happy healthy baby. AND, I’m happy and healthy-ish. 🙂

I just wanted to remind you guys. The Babylegs coupon I have for you ends on October 31st! I always like to get my Christmas shopping done early. You get 20% off! An AWESOME deal! You can click here to go to BabyLegs and when you check out use the code: PAPERMAMA

They have some holiday baby legs up now! Very cute. I think I’d like to get the Nordic leg warmers for Ruari.

{BabyLegs Leg Warmers}
{BabyLegs Leg Warmers}
{BabyLegs Leg Warmers}
{BabyLegs Leg Warmers}
{BabyLegs Leg Warmers}

AND, just so you don’t forget. ;D

OH, and TOMORROW is the last day to use the Designer Blogs discount! 10% off! Just use the code: REFERRED BY THE PAPER MAMA.

3) And, I’ve received a couple of awards! I just wanted to thank you so much!

{From Tezzie}
Thank you SO much Tezzie! So, here are the details for this award:
*  share/name 3 things and/or people that I care a lot about
*  show you one of my favorite photos
My 3 things I care a lot about: Mike, my baby, and my family. And, this is my absolute favorite photo. Ruari was 16 weeks old in this photo.
Thank you so much Jingle for this award!

{From Jingle}

Thanks to Lilac City Momma for this lovely award!

{From Lilac City Momma}

Share 7 things about yourself:

  1. Many of my blogging buddies have visited me in my dreams (maybe I blog too much?). 
  2. I LOVE chocolate. Love it.
  3. I work VERY part-time at Anthropologie.
  4. I’ve met these awesome blogging buddies in person: Mandy, Melissa, Jill, and Allie.
  5. I fantasize about shaving my pets so I don’t have to vacuum anymore.
  6. Green tea is my caffeine. 
  7. And, I can’t think of a 7th thing about myself because I need some of #6.

Thanks everyone! I think I may have missed an award… but, I can’t find the emails. 


And, how about a photo challenge…

Before and After @ Pixel Perfect:


{22/365 Angus}

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