WAY tired.

So, I started writing this post when I first woke up this morning. I just re-read one of my sentences… man, I AM tired. Here’s what it said: “I don’t know if my brain can actually for any real complicated post. Come on caffeine: kick in!”

Ummmmm… what? I believe I was trying to say that I may not have enough energy to write a really complicated post today. And, I need caffeine.

Ruari did not want to sleep last night. I’m SO tired. meh. She just wanted me to hold her and rock her and walk her. And, she wanted to play with my hair. She wont take her nap either. SOOOO tired.

Last night Anthroplogie had a little fashion show to kick off the Fall season. I took many photos. I’d love to share… but, I’m too tired. I did take one photo of myself:

Mike had baby girl last night. SO, I got to wear heels! They were pretty short, but they WERE heels! I love these shoes.

Oh, and Ruari is on the floor almost crawling right now…. that’s sort of freaking me out… this house is SO far from baby proof.

Thursday’s Three picks:

1) Simplicity’s photo classes. I’m LOVING the DSLR class I’m taking right now. It’s really helped me to learn more about my camera AND think about what I’m photographing. She has another class coming up: The Basics of Photography. It’s only $25 and VERY helpful.

DSC_0227 everyday actions new york bnw


2) My handmade sponsors: I really want you guys to check out my handmade sponsors. First of all: these ladies are great! And: it’s almost Christmas! Yeah, I said it. And, it’s true! With handmade creations it’s always best to plan a little ahead. I always try to keep my Christmas purchases about 80% handmade. Mike is probably that 20%. ;D

For jewelry, photography, and ceramics: Heart Escapes.

For knits, jewelry, and other accessories: Claire’s Creations.

For bibs, blankets, and other kid’s clothing: Yours Truly Dear: Baby.

Cute baby stuff!

For scarves, accessories, and women clothing: Pink Lemonade.

Pink Lemonade on Etsy

Support handmade! Buy your holiday gifts handmade!

3) My third pick this week are all the coupon codes I have for you!

Don’t forget to check out the announcements. Last day for the fingerprints challenge!

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