Fix it Friday

Edit 1: For this edit I ran my new action, Brighten Me, and turned off the exposure and turned on the levels 2.

Edit 2: from there I added a solid color layer, b59841, set it to screen, lowered the opacity to 25% and lowered the fill to 25%.

Edit 3: Next I added a green Channel Mixer layer. Set that to lighten and lowered opacity to 47%. Then I made a copy of the background layer and put a Gaussian Blur on the copied layer. I erased the blur over baby and daddy. I then adjusted the curves to give a more yellow look.

Edit 4: I wanted to do a black and white photo. I added a maximum white black and white layer and adjusted the red to taste. I lowered the opacity to 78%. That’s it!

For me, my fave’s are the 2nd and 3rd edit.

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