Thursday’s Three: Practice makes perfect.

Ruari’s been practicing getting up on her knees for a couple of weeks now. She mostly just scoots backwards and turns in circles. BUT, “Practice makes perfect!” I keep telling her. I love the photo above! It was totally a happy accident too.

So, I’ve been telling myself that “practice makes perfect.” too. I’m taking Simplicity’s SLR class and starting to understand a bit about my new camera. This week we’re working on shutter speed. I was practicing my shutter speed with Princess the kitty and little baby butt yesterday afternoon:

It sort of looks like Princess is controlling that teething ring with mind control. ;D

Do you like how my baby is halfway under her playpen? Such a good mom. ;D Anyway… back to the practice crawling…

I tried to tempt Ruari with this yellow doughnut…. She wanted it! But… still no crawling yet.

Practice makes perfect. 😀 I think she’ll get it soon.

Thursday’s Three:

1) My first pick is the AWESOME discount Layla Grace is offering! I finding it very difficult to not take advantage of this deal. 😀 What’s the deal? Here it is: You get an EXTRA 15% off ALL sale prices through the rest of September! Oh man. It’s crazy. Here are the sale goodies that I’d like to take advantage of (but, I’m broke… so I probably wont. 😀 ):

These shoes are on sale for $15. Take an extra 15% off that
Ruari could use some shoes to crawl around in.
Ok, they have a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag on sale! This is a great deal. 
I love my Petunia Pickle Bottom. It’s on sale for $92 (reg. $145). 15% off that sale price!

I LOVE tutu’s. And, they have quite a few in the sale section! 
This one is on sale for $48. Plus the 15% off that

They really have quite a bit of selection in the sale section. If you do want to take advantage of this sale… click here and click on the sale section banner. 🙂 When you check out use this code: SALEx2

2) My second pick is the 20% off coupon for the Paper Mama readers to BabyLegs! My discount code ( PAPERMAMA ) ends on October 31st. They have some cute Halloween-ey BabyLegs up now. VERY cute. I should probably take advantage of the discount too! You know, since Ruari will be crawling soon! Here are my fave’s right now:

Can you tell I’m ready for Halloween? If you’d like to use the 20% coupon. The code PAPERMAMA you can use it during checkout. 😀

3) Unofficial Mom. She’s SO awesome and amazing. She sent me a collection of adoption information. Magazines, books, AND a couple of goodies! Just in case you’re wondering: Mike and I have decided it’s too dangerous for me to get pregnant again. You can read here to see why.

She’ll really be a wealth of information! And, she’s pretty awesome too! You should totally check out her blog and her super cute Pie baby boo head. In addition to all the amazing information… she sent me some VERY cute artwork for Laureli. L is for Laureli! AND, a REALLY cute shirt! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love it all!

WOW… that was a long post! Don’t forget today is the last day to enter the Brown photo challenge. And, it’s the last day to enter the Day in your life photo challenge at Paper Heart Camera.

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