Mike’s the chef!

Mike’s the chef here in this family… and he has a TON of kitchen gadgets like a couple dutch ovens, our RED Kitchenaid mixer, many frying pans, a ton of outdoor grill goodies… and many many MANY more.

I’m bringing this up because I like to plan WAY ahead for Christmas. He wants more kitchen gadgets. One thing he REALLY wants is a nice grill pan.

I think he wants this one:

BUT… that’s probably not happening because… well, it’s like $200. I just can’t imagine spending that much on a pan…

I’ll probably end up getting this one instead:

For one: it’s red! ;D And, it’s about $125. That’s a little better. Time to start saving!

Speaking of mike cooking: Would you guys be interested in Mike’s amazing cookie recipe? I think I’m going got post it sometime next week.

I’m also trying out a new comment form. Let me know if you like it! We’ll see if I even installed it properly. 🙂

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