Hello baby. (and another action for you guys!)

Here you are. 8 and a half months. A LOT has changed since you turned 8 months.

{Laureli Lynn. 8.5 months}

You have now mastered rolling over from your back to your belly…
There’s still a struggle with trying to roll from your belly to back… but, you’re trying. You don’t like trying… lots of crying. 😀 TWO teeth have come in on the bottom row. I FINALLY got a photo of them. Every time I try and photograph them you try and lick me. Hard to see! Look below:

Have a closer look:

You started saying “Bah bah bah bah…” non-stop 2 weeks ago. Last Friday you started saying, “Da da da da.” Mike thinks that’s your first word. I tell him it’s not. “Da da da da da” is not Dada to me. You call everything “Da da da da”. I win! 😀

You like to whisper to your toys. Like your talking to them. It’s very silly! Your favorite toy at the moment is your stuffed doggy (seen here). When he dances: you laugh like crazy! It’s getting almost impossible to put clothes on you! You flip around and cry. Oh man.

We’ve been working on feeding you everyday now. It’s going alright. You mostly spit out everything. You’re trying though! What you like: Peaches, apples, nectarines, and carrots mixed with fruit. What you’re not liking: Bananas, peas, and sweet potatoes.

Love you boo.

– Mama

If you’re wondering: Ruari is wearing a bandanna bib and a heart headband from the Hi, Baby shop.

Pixel Perfect before and after (and my new action: Pacific NW Blend):

AFTER (I used the Paper Mama Pacific NW Blend action)(and: this is my photo for TMMAPC. Favorite photo):

I’ll get this action up and ready a little bit later for you guys (on Paper Heart Camera)! I’m still learning how to set these up, so bear with me. 😀

Time for a little flashback:

{Ruari 15 weeks}

This is you at 15 weeks old. You had just started staying put when I sat you up. 😀 Look at that bald head!

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