• Rachel on said:

    so very cute. i love the colors. i'm gonna go follow you now. : )

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    I love the way you've framed this up – love it.

  • sara on said:

    What's not to love on that gorgeous little peanut!?

  • Karli on said:

    Oh here it is! This is the picture I was thinking of. Everything about it is just gorgeous! I'm getting a wireless remote this week, and I'm excited to try a few of these myself. Lovely!

  • The OriginalPsyn on said:

    This is beautiful. Those are a few of my favorite things also.

  • Kindred Spirit on said:

    Awww this is precious 🙂

  • The Wishful Lamb on said:

    super cute and so true! you are sucha good momma

  • AlyGatr on said:

    Sweet pic of you both 🙂

  • Just Bits and Pieces on said:

    Super cute photo of the two of you!

  • Faith on said:

    aw. SO adorable!! 🙂

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