Tuesday and Wednesday photo challenges…

Simplicity Photo Challenge: Black and White. and… Black and White Wednesday.

{Ruari. ALMOST 8 months!}
This photo is for Simplicity’s photo challenge: Black and White. I love her eyes in this shot. 🙂

the long road

Touch Up Tuesday:



{Ruari ALMOST 8 months}

In a Yellow House photo challenge: Arts and Crafts.

{Hand-painted paper decoration from Paper Lady Invites}

This is a little hand-painted bird ornament I made a while back. I sell it in my Paper Lady shop.

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It’s a Beautiful Life: Signature Look

{Ruari 7.5 months}

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  • Jenny on said:

    Makes me want to feel the flutter of baby lashes on my cheek…great shot!

  • Kayce on said:

    Love these shots! The b/w is fabulous!!

  • SarahinSC on said:

    I love the light color pop! Beautiful eyes!

  • Holly on said:

    So FUN!! ;DThese photo hops are GREAT!!Nice images and processing!

  • Jenny Esterbrook Pho on said:

    I adore the processing and your daughter is beautiful! Talk about lash envy, ha!

  • Buckeroomama on said:

    Your edited photo of Ruari is gorgeous! It blew me away… really! The processing is just lovely.

  • Lindsay and Bill on said:

    I love your Arts N Crafts entry!

  • Ewa on said:

    I love all your entries, great!

  • Just Bits and Pieces on said:

    Beautiful shots!!!!!!

  • sunshinefields on said:

    The touch-up Tuesday edit is amazing. Her eyes are gorgeous and I just love the overall color of the photo.

  • carlotta on said:

    these are all stunning shots – and wonderful edits! adore these.

  • Adeena on said:

    I *love* your TuT edit! Her eyes just pop out, and those lashes!! 😀

  • Derek, Rachel and Ca on said:

    I love it when the eyes pop like that! Great photo!!

  • Betty Jo on said:

    Beautiful photos, family, and blog. Love your paper bird! ♥

  • - Jessi - on said:

    Beautiful pictures! Love the clarity in the eyes in the first picture.

  • Siobhan on said:

    SO SO Cute….

  • Mandy on said:

    Lots of photo challenges and blog hopping! I think it's so great! All of these photos are darling. Love the bird ornament, you are so creative.

  • Carol on said:

    Her eyes kill me, makes me wish for a blue eyed baby. I love the "after" edit, it's gorgeous!

  • Sheri on said:

    These are all so sweet, love the second edit of the first photo!

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    These are all great and since I haven't had a chance to read through my blogs today…I didn't realize that Mandy had posted a new blog hop. I'll make a note of it.

  • sara on said:

    The eyes/eyelashes are too much!Love the after version of the before and after. Very soft.

  • Faith on said:

    oh! I LOVE this!! 🙂 The B&W is SO good but so is your before & after – so "you"! :)Thanks for linking up again this week!you rock.

  • Karli on said:

    Ok, I'm DYING over your processing!! Love love love! It's funny…I just ran across another picture of yours that I was totally in love with…you were sitting with your baby, looking down at her; and I thought WOW…that processing is fabulous! This reminds me of that style, and I just love it. Thank you so much for sharing your edit. It's awesome!

  • The OriginalPsyn on said:

    These are absolutely beautiful.

  • Natalie on said:

    Oh those eyes! They make me swoon 🙂

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