Monday’s my pick and a manic weekend! :)

We really just had a very lovely laid back weekend. We started off at Saturday Market downtown…. off to a baby friendly pub to watch the soccer game… and ended the weekend relaxing outside at home.

{Watching the kids play in the fountain}

{Yes! Got Mike in another photo!}

{Ruari tried out the fountain for a couple minutes. Cold water!}

{Sleepy baby girl.}


So, I link up my weekend photos for Manic Monday! I never seem to get photos up Monday evenings! 🙂 Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

Here’s my Monday’s My Pick:

The ERGObaby Carrier! REALLY! This thing is amazing. I think I’ll do a little product review on this later on in the week. I’ve used both the Moby and this. Personally, I prefer the Ergo. You can find it for sale here on Amazon. Free shipping.

{Photo from: Make Baby Stuff}

 So, I usually prefer to use my own photos for any products I already own… but, I found this website that’s pretty cool! It’s called Make Baby Stuff! They have this awesome little tutorial on how to dye your Ergo Carrier. I have a brown one… that I KNOW Mike would hate if I dyed it! So I wont… He didn’t even like carrying my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag this weekend! 😀 But, you can dye yours! If you do, PLEASE share your photos! I want to see!

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  • Allison @ I heart Ch on said:

    Look at her little lip! So cute. I have an Ergo and it's awesome. I tried a couple other carriers before that but.. yeah, the Ergo? Rocks.

  • Faith on said:

    These pics are SO awesome 🙂 It sounds like y'all had an awesome weekend. I never noticed your nose ring before – love it!

  • Mommy Elephant Sarah on said:

    Great photos. Awww love the close up of the hand. You made the pretzel look beautiful too. What a fun weekend!

  • Nicole on said:

    What a chubby little hand my niece has!

  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    I LOVE my ERGO carrier. Love Love love love love love. All such fantastic pictures.

  • Ash on said:

    aww i love the pics – ALL of them! what a beautiful family. :)did you take them from a DSLR or a PnS camera? i really oughta get myself a DSLR soon….~ash's mum

  • Yellow House on said:

    Aww, Saturday Market! Man, I wish there was something like it up here in Seattle. My parents started taking me there when I was Rory's age! The pretzel looks amazing. I always opted for an elephant ear… YUM!

  • Jennifer @ The Toy B on said:

    Love the photos — especially of your beautiful girl sleeping!! Too sweet! Looks like a great weekend!

  • Lx - my mr lugs on said:

    Gorgeous photos… love those little baby lips.. aawwww! 🙂

  • It's a beautifu on said:

    I used the Moby and the Ergo as well. I LOVE the Ergo. So comfy!! Seriously. My only complaint is that it doesn't face baby outward. But oh well.Love your pics! Looks like you had a beautiful weekend with your family!

  • Jess Craig on said:

    guys are so weird like that. when i ask my husband to hold my purse or something, he'll hold it in such an awkward "so-no-one-will-think-it's-mine" kinda way. NO ONE THINKS YOU HAVE A PURSE!

  • Christy on said:

    You have a gorgeous family Chelsey! Looks like ya had a wonderful day 🙂 I love how you take pictures of the simple things <3

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