• krissilugbill on said:

    this is a great one! love the slobber, so cute 🙂

  • Alisha on said:

    Awe! My son is about to turn 6 months. I just love this age. I love how you captured the drool. I feel like we are drowning in it over here… and not a tooth to show for it either!!Half Past A Freckle

  • beingzaraandzidan on said:

    awww soo soo cute! she gorgeous!I have joined in tooplz do visit

  • God's Not Finis on said:

    WOW! Just look at those gorgeous eyes!! She's adorable and looking a little mischief if I do say so myself…LOL. Drool and all she does look like she's scootin' towards some good play time fun!! Love the clear close up!!~Sarah

  • Natalie on said:

    Good Lord I wish I had eyelashes that long 😉

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