Photo Challenge: In the sun…

** Sorry I’m a day late. 🙂 I’ve been soooo busy. I haven’t even been able to go and check out all of your lovely blogs this week. I’m feeling so lost! **

Anyway… on to the challenge:

This weeks challenge
: In the sun…

Since this is a mama blog all the challenges will be based around your children. Now, I’m not too picky on what you call your children. As far as I’m concerned my cats and dog are my kids too!

The challenge: Take or find a photo that has your little babe enjoying the sun somehow (or not enjoying… I prefer the shade myself! 🙂 ). Have fun!

Here’s my example of In the sun:

{Ruari at 20 weeks}

I took this Mother’s Day weekend. We had really lovely weather!

There always has to be rules… I know, boring right? But, it’s to help me and you. 🙂 Click on the link for more details… Each entry does need to link back to my blog… Click here to see last weeks winner… All photo entries need to be in by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on June 11th…

Guess what…. after 4 challenges there will be a week long vote off of the winners from the 4 previous challenges… The winner of the vote off will get a small prize! 3 more challenges to go after this one…

Winners so far:
– Three: … Little Mochi
– In the sun: … no one yet …
– Sleepy: … no one yet …
– Talented: … no one yet…

If you have an Etsy shop and would like to give away an item as a prize… please drop me a line! I ♥ sponsors and will show your shop some love for your contribution. 🙂

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  • Suzanne Jeanette on said:

    Your site is super cute and your little girl is adorable! I love the photo challenge idea, will be back next time around!

  • K.B. on said:

    w00t! Back in the game, baby! I love these sun pictures… I gaze at them longingly.

  • Joni on said:

    They are all so good this week. I love "Trying to Reason". Love Ruari's big beautiful eyes!

  • Melanie on said:

    I came across your blog when blog hopping and looking for photo challenges. Hope it's okay that I play along, too!Melanie (aka SLReflexions)

  • krissilugbill on said:

    lol, okay sorry, I figured it out 🙂

  • krissilugbill on said:

    love this fun contest! i took some fun sun pictures with Lila Mae last Friday, her first time in the sun and sand! I tried to link it two times, but i don't see it there? maybe i did something wrong? I will try again later….here it is for now.. . for hosting such a fun contest!

  • TuTu's Bliss on said:

    Love it! What photo editing program do you use??

  • Southern Reflections on said:

    So happy to have found another photo contest!! 😀 Thank you!!!

  • Anika on said:

    Great theme and photos! My first time entering… I love the site!!

  • beingzaraandzidan on said:

    awww i love that foto. she looks so comfortable in the sun. Like the sunny theme. I have joined in too. Plz do visit.

  • beka on said:

    Oh, and thanks for the sweet comment.You have pretty handwriting too, if indeed that is yours on the paper crowns I saw the other day;)

  • beka on said:

    Aw, how cute.And I love the way your site's turning out!It's lovely!Nice bio on the side, too:)

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