AND the winner of this months Vote Off is….

Curiosity… from: Melissa 4 Ladies and a Patient Man!!!

{“Curiosity” winner: Melissa 4 Ladies and a Patient Man}

She had an amazing 46% of the votes. Following her in 2nd was Courtney at Love Love, 3rd Monster from Six Cherries on Top, and last BUT certainly not least Kate at Webster’s Updates.

Super congrats to you Melissa! Time for your prize lady! Send me an e-mail of either the link to or attachment of the photo you’d like to see on your pouch/coin purse from Pepper and Farley!!! I will also need your address. I’m also working on a little something for you from my shop. 🙂 *note: fabric will be random and chosen by Pepper and Farley. 🙂

{Pouch/coin purse: Pepper and Farley}

Don’t forget to get your photos ready for this weeks photo challenge: In the sun… (post will be up soon).

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  • melissa d. on said:

    woo-hoo:)lol, the next challenge post is up because i was bored and saw you have the themes posted already so i got them all set and scheduled to post on that day. haha.

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