Flashback Friday: My first paper crown.

Yesterday marks the 2 year anniversary of me opening my Etsy shop: Paper Lady Invites. Yay! **Imagine me throwing confetti in the air** Those 2 years have been WAY crazy. I closed the shop for a month to prepare for my wedding… I closed my shop for about 3 months in the beginning of my pregnancy because I was EXTREMELY nauseous… then I closed it again right before I had my baby.

I’ve now had it open again for about a month. This photo is a photo of the first paper crown I had made. It sold about a month after I opened up shop. I’m working on creating more crowns and starting to make more cards now. I’m even working on a child size crown design.

{The Paper Lady}

In the past I used to do custom crowns. I’m changing it up a bit. I wont be doing complete custom crowns… more personalization. This changed after I remade a crown for someone four times while I was REALLY pregnant. It just didn’t make since for the time. 🙂 Now I will be putting crowns up that are pre-made: EXCEPT the buyer can now tell me what they would like the crown to say. Queen, Princess, Bride, Sally, Blah…. whatever they want!

I’m putting all the crowns that I have in my shop now on Sale. Looks like there are only 4 crowns left. Get them while they last. 😉 I’m making room for the new designs.

Happy Friday!

Flashback with us…

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  • Yellow House on said:

    I love love love your crowns!

  • Nen on said:

    wow!! good to know you make crowns!! i may have some bridal showers coming up in the future and may have to order something!

  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    Well that sure beats a Burger King crown!! I don't think I've ever seen a paper crown before. I should go over to your shop and see what you've got up.

  • Jess on said:

    Wow, those are really cool! I have a friend who does paper hats out of tissue paper and bows at birthday parties and stuff, but they don't look anything like that! Wow!!!

  • Faith on said:

    COOL! Heading over to your etsy now! WOW 2 years. Good for you!

  • beka on said:

    Just checked out your Etsy..Adorable crowns and cards:)

  • beka on said:

    Yay for 2 years!

  • CourtneyKeb on said:

    What a unique and skilled trade you got going on there girl!Happy 2 year anniversary!

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