Painted Ikea Clock

Painted Ikea Clock DIY //

Last weekend we headed to the land of Ikea. We really try to avoid that place on the weekends, but we needed just a few storage items to finish our kitchen project. It was full of people that walk way too slow and are always in my way, hee. I kid. It was fine.

Anyway, I’ve been searching for the perfect retro kitchen clock for quite a few months and haven’t found anything that I really love (and fits in my budget). I wandered into the clock section and discovered the PUGG clock for $11. Yes. That’s definitely in my budget. The only thing is I was hoping to find a colorful clock. This PUGG clock is silver, so I decided to paint the thing. With the color update, my painted ikea clock fits perfectly in my kitchen!

Want to make one for your home? I shared a quick how-to paint below. It’s so simple.


  • PUGG clock from Ikea
  • white primer spray paint for metal
  • colorful spray paint for metal
  • optional: clear acrylic high glass sealer spray

Painted Ikea Clock DIY //


- The PUGG clock really is perfect for this project. The glass and clock parts are easy to remove. Flip the clock over and remove the 4 metal v’s (these are what hold the clock parts in). You can easily take these out by pushing the two “v” points down and out of the clocks metal edge. Set the glass and clock parts in a safe place.

- Painting metal can be tricky. I suggest reading and following the directions on the back of your spray cans. Going too fast can cause bubbles and dripping, waiting too long between coats could cause paint to crack and bubble (all learned from experience).

  • Here’s how I paint metal: In a well ventilated space (wearing protective eyewear and a mask) start with a couple coats of primer (allowing 5 minutes between each coat).
  • Let the primer dry for about 30 minutes before you use your colorful spray paint.
  • Spray the first coat of colorful paint on the clock frame. Apply about 3 – 4 coats of the color paint (allowing 5 minutes dry time between each coat).
  • Optional: The colorful spray paint I used was matte and I wanted my clock to be shiny. I let the color spray paint dry for 30 minutes then applied two coats.
  • Let the paint dry for 24 hours before handling.

Painted Ikea Clock DIY //

- You’re done! Hang in the kitchen and enjoy.

- Chelsey

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Free print for your kitchen: Cooking. Eating. It’s What We Do Here.

Free print for your kitchen: Cooking and Eating It's What We Do Here //

Free print for your kitchen: Cooking and Eating It's What We Do Here //

Today I’m sharing a free print for your kitchen! The hubby and I have been working our buns off on a project. It’s so close to being finished. We’ve only been working on it for a couple of months and it feels like it’s been forever since we started. I’m loving how it turned out and I’m excited to share the project with you. I can’t tell you what it is just yet, but I will give you a little hint: it’s in the kitchen. SO, in preparation for the finish of this project I thought it would be perfect to create the a kitchen printable: “Cooking. Eating. It’s what we do in here.” Ok… Maybe I don’t do much of the cooking, but the husband sure does and loves it. My job is to eat the food.

It’s a simple print and free. The perfect home decor. It prints out at an 8 x 10 size. You can print it at home and trim to fit any 8 x 10 frame. I also provided multiple colors… Just in case you need a little bit of color in your kitchen. You’ll find the print links below. Right click + save the image to your computer and save.

Black // Blue // Gray // Orange // Pink

Free print for your kitchen: Cooking and Eating It's What We Do Here //

- Chelsey

P.S. Just a reminder that you are very welcome to use these printable for personal use. The printables cannot be adjusted or used for commercial use.

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Ice Cream Cone Elbow Patches

I am in love with these cute elbow patches from the lovely Studio DIY. I had to share them with all of you. Head on over to her blog to find the full tutorial! I feel like I need to make this project before the summer is over!

- Chelsey

P.S. Photo from Studio DIY

My Favorite Handwritten Fonts

My Favorite Handwritten Fonts //

I’ve said it before: I love font. It’s beautiful and lovely and makes blogging so much more fun. I have a lot of favorites, and I enjoy sharing them with you. This time around I’m sharing 12 of my favorite handwritten fonts. Enjoy and have a very lovely Friday.

1. Amatic

2. Dooodleista

3. Xiomara

4. Frenchy

5. Somebody That I Used To Know

6. The Daily Bread

7. Line and Draw

8. Iron Furnaces

9. Some Weatz

10. Lake Script

11. Masana Script

12. Simon Script

If you’d like to wander my past favorite font posts, you can click here.

- Chelsey

P.S. Just a note: all of these fonts are free, but most cannot be used for commercial-use (unless you purchase a license).  They should all be fine for personal use, but just don’t use them in any product you plan on selling. ALSO note: the rules and regulations of each font are subject to change at any time, and I can’t guarantee these will still be free in the future. You need to read the rules for each font you download. 

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